Freestanding Ethos Phoenix Clean-Air Wood Fire Freestanding

A modern version of the classic stove design, Phoenix offers a fresh cubic concept with sturdy visual cues from its outward tapering legs.
To heat your whole home, not just your living room, having greater convective properties is a real advantage. Moving the heated air means it can heat a larger area, and travel down hallways, around corners, and gets to those hard to reach cool areas that radiant heat alone just can’t heat up.
The Phoenix is designed to maximise its convection output by way of its clever inner and outer layer design. Air is drawn up between the firebox and the outer shell, and convected out from the top section into the room. It literally pumps the heat out.

Pricing from $4,799 Excludes flue & installation

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Product Features

  • Modern cubic design
  • Low emissions 
  • Highly efficient
  • High heat
  • 100 colour options