Freestanding Rais Bionic Ultra-Low Clean Air Wood Fire - (ULEB)

 Experience an indoor wood fireplace that pushes forward the boundaries of eco-friendly fire performance and design. The Scandinavian design by Rais is an ultra-low emission burner, has produced a fully automatic, double-combustion wood fire with 76% fuel efficiency and negligible particle emissions. The upper chamber operates as a traditional wood fire, while the lower chamber receives exhaust gas from the wood burning above. The gas combusts, burning off excess emissions in a spectacular down-draft flame and radiating further heat into the room. Just one kg of wood is required to produce one hour of heating, and an astonishing 96% of the heat generated by the wood fire is dissipated into the room. The result is a ultra-low clean air wood fire that offers efficiency, style, and comfort.



Pricing from $9,380 Excludes flue & installation

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Product Features

  • Meets all NZ clean air standards including the strict Canterbury CM1 standard. Can be used nationwide, including Rotorua, Nelson City in certain air sheds, Canterbury, and Timaru.
  • Meets the requirements for low-energy and passive house construction.
  • External air capability for min-energy or passive house.
  • Fully automated and easy-to-use operation.
  • Door locks automatically when released.
  • No electricity is required.
  • A steady output of natural radiated heat.
  • Very convenient height for loading wood.
  • Option of roof or wall flue.
  • Optional 360-degree swivel base, so you can enjoy the fire from anywhere in the room.
  • Black or nickel finish.
  • Steel (black or nickel) or glass (white or black-edged glass) door.