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VisionLINE Air Flue System

Designed in Europe for high efficiency homes, the VisionLINE air flue is crafted with the highest quality materials and packed with state of the art technology, enhancing your fire while maintaining indoor air quality and efficiency.

The VisionLINE air flue system is a co-axial, room sealed insulated flue system for freestanding solid fuel slow combustion heaters. It is designed to increase the performance of slow combustion heaters and increase the efficiency in the home when compared to a typical air cooled default flue.


For in the room;

The stove pipe inner section is made from double walled seam welded 316 stainless steel re-inforced by .5mm carbon steel with a powder coated and seam welded 304 outer casing.

This triple skin Stove pipe promotes a better draft and lower outside temperatures than typical solid twin skin systems with less extreme heat spots and discolouring.

It also features a clean line 80mm ceiling ring that is installed flush with your ceiling plaster with matching powder coat, what you see in the home is all class and high quality. This room sealed stove pipe and ceiling ring combination means the heat being generated from your fire isn't being lost through the flue system to keep it cool.

The stove pipe has 3 main sizes available including a slip piece to get the connection just right for every installation.

For fireplaces that have an outside air intake the VisionLINE Air flue connects to it via a T-section and adjustable snorkel. If your fireplace has a co-axial outside air connection, the VisionLINE Air flue stove pipe plugs straight in.

For above the ceiling;

The safety vent sections of flue feature a double walled active flue which is protected by 2 layers of insulation, an air gap and then a further outer wall for the optimum in fireplace safety.

All safety vent sections feature a tough twist locking mechanism that compresses each join to create a strong lock and super tight seal further promoting good draft.

After the ceiling penetration there's 2 roof brace supports that are installed within the ceiling cavity to take the weight of the flue. This enables the flue outside the roof cavity to installed with no additional bracing for up to 3 metres.


For above the Roof;

The cowl is constructed from full 316 stainless steel and is powder coated for the ultimate in protection. The cap has a full brim designed to reduce water intrusion from rain or condensation and the underside cowl cover has an extended wind skirt shield to reduce turbulence to the air intake. This innovation has been known to fix the symptom of a whistling dropbox in air cooled default flue systems during high velocity wind.

There is also an added mesh layer to limit unwanted bird access together with a protective wind rim to reduce the effects of downdraft to the fire.

 Approval Standards

VisionLINE Air Flue Approval number to AS/NZS 2918 2018 Appendix F is ASFT20032 Issued on 3rd April 2020

The VisionLINE Air insulated flue system has been tested to AS/NZS 2918 2018 appendix F and is considered default. This means it can be installed on any slow combustion heater that is approved for sale within New Zealand. It is also the only insulated flue system in the Australasia with CE-EN-NO 1856 certification which covers tensile strength, compressive strength testing, Wind Load testing, Aerodynamic performance of termination under wind tunnel and gas tightness from unit to termination.


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