Stovax Studio 3 Wood

Fire Your Imagination


More than simple woodburners, Stovax fires are designed just as much for their sleek beauty as their functional excellence

Designed and manufactured in the cathedral town of Exeter in Devon, England, Stovax fires are traversing the future of solid fuel technology with a precise combination of technology and aesthetics. We spoke to The Fireplace about the beauty and engineering of these fires of the future

Sleek, bold and timeless, the contemporary firebox is more than what we could have ever imagined even a few years ago. The dedicated Stovax team of engineers and  designers are designing products not only for today’s requirements in mind but also those of the future. Stovax is focusing on creating pioneering designs that stand the test of time but also to continue to research alternative technologies that will provide sustainable heating in years to come.  

Stovax Duplex Double-sided wood fireStovax Double-Sided Duplex (Rural)


Stovax fires’ strikingly simple designs conceal some of the most advanced solid fuel technologies in the world. “It’s their appealing widescreen designs and simple beauty combined with technical innovation that make these fires some of the most popular in the country for architects and designers,” Angela says.

The Stovax  Heating Group has been dedicated to the pursuit of excellence in solid fuel technology since 1981, Angela says. “They are one of Europe’s  leading fireplace manufacturers and designers, exporting their fires to more than 25 countries around the world “Stovax fires are the culmination of decades of exceptional craftsmanship and knowledge. More than simple woodburners, Stovax fires are designed just as much for their sleek beauty as their functional excellence.”

 Stovax Studio 2 Wood FireStovax Studio 2 Inbuilt (Rural)

Stovax Studio fires feature the very latest cleanburn combustion and air wash system; The Cleanburn system allows the fire to burn logs much more efficiently than has been possible in the past. “This means much more heat enters the room and less leaves through the chimney. It also means the flames burn higher, accentuating the aesthetics of the fires.” “Air Wash is a system that draws air in and across the back of the glass and helps to keep that glass clean while the fire is burning,” Angela says.

Stovax fires are showcased in specialist heating stores throughout  New Zealand, with a range of eight models available covering both inbuilt and freestanding options. “Two models also meet New Zealand Clean Air Standards, which means they can be used throughout the country and in urban areas.”

 Stovax Studio 2 Clean Air FreestandingStovax Studio 2 Freestanding (Clean Air)

For further efficiency, additional kits can be added to some of the Stovax models. “A ducting system draws warm air from the top of the firebox into the room, while air replacement kits draw air into the appliance from outside to aid combustion and enhance flame levels. For passive houses, a sealed air kit is available for the Studio Duplex, see through appliance.”