Stovax Studio 3 Wood

Breath-taking heat performance

Lowering emissions to an absolute minimum, the clean-burning Stovax Studio wood fire has found favour with architects—not just for its good looks and efficiency but because it ticks all the strict regulatory boxes.

Every local authority has a clean air emissions policy and they vary from region to region. Legislation passed and adopted through the NES (National Environmental Standards) dictates that all wood fires, when tested under recognised and nationally accepted standards, must not exceed 1.5gm of emissions for every kilogram of fuel burnt. They must also have a thermal efficiency of 65 per cent or better.

So, when homeowners are installing a wood fire, they need one that not only looks great, performs well with a powerful heat output but that also meets all the requirements of New Zealand’s clean air regulations. The Stovax Studio 2 wood fireplace has been clean air approved for urban use.

That’s why architects are comfortable putting them into their top-end projects, says Angela Hiddleston from The Fireplace in Auckland.

“It is one of the most specified solid fuel, clean air fires in the prestigious, luxury homes seen on the ArchiPro website. Its progressive design meant that it was one of the first to be approved when the new regulations came into place 10 years ago.”

Stovax Studio 2 Clean Air Freestanding

Stovax Studio 2 Freestanding (Clean Air)



The Stovax Studio wood fireplace is highly engineered to produce a lot of heat while burning cleanly. Compared to open fires and older stoves, they lower emissions to an absolute minimum, so they’re fully compliant with New Zealand’s low emission standards.

“The way it works to make it efficient and produce clean air is quite complex,” says Angela. “Designing a fire that essentially redefines what it means to burn cleanly requires a wholly fresh approach, which is why the Stovax Studio is very different from any other wood fire, representing the pinnacle of British fire design, engineering and technical innovation.”

It features unique airflow dynamics with state-of-the-art, clean-burn combustion systems to burn logs with outstanding efficiency. The result is more heat delivery into the room and less going up the chimney.

“At the same time, it looks aesthetically pleasing with clean lines offering minimalist appeal,” she explains. “The huge viewing area means you get to see, feel and hear the rolling flames that make an indoor fire so enticing. Air-wash air flow helps keep the window clean, letting you fully enjoy the flames.”

Stovax Studio 3 Freestanding Wood FireStovax Studio 3 Freestanding (Rural)


The Stovax Studio 2 Clean Air inbuilt and freestanding appliances have been specifically designed for New Zealand’s stringent air quality standards and are suitable for installation in most New Zealand airshed zones.

The Stovax Studio double-sided Duplex, Studio 2 and Studio 3 inbuilt and freestanding models are also available for rural installations. These contemporary fires will add gravity and style to any interior and include the optional dedicated external air to the appliance, which potentially negates the need for additional air vents to minimise drafts.

In addition, the inbuilt models can be installed with the warm air ducting kit capable of heating up to two additional spaces.

Learn more about the Stovax Studio range of fireplaces, which balances presence with efficiency and heating performance, to find which one would be best suited to your next project.