Freestanding VisionLINE Taurus Clean Air Wood Fire, Freestanding

Clean Air, Freestanding 

A feature rich slow combustion unit, the VisionLINE Taurus clean air wood fire encompasses style and class with efficient, radiating heat.

The rectangular fireplace is distinguished by its high-quality materials and is offered in 4 different models, melding into any space with ease.

Accompanied by a large heating capacity and long burn times the VisionLINE Taurus unit will emanate warmth and sophistication, transforming any space with its sleek and modern design. For passive homes and direct air combustion fit with the optional VisionLINE Air Flue System.


Pricing from $8,995 Excludes flue & installation

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Product Features

    VisionLINE range (see other listings)
     - Inbuilt, single-sided
     - Inbuilt, double-sided
     - Freestanding, single-sided
     - Freestanding, double-sided
      • High heat / long burn times
      • Landscape viewing window
      • Kiln brick linings          
      • Low emission wood burner
      • Approved to National Environmental Standards (NES)
      • Optional sealed external air kit
      • Optional bench
      • Optional insulated flue system