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Wood Fireplace Information

How to Videos Wood

Welcome to a selection of helpful wood burning videos from our suppliers and The Fireplace team.

How to Light Your Fire

Clean burning closed door fires are specifically designed to burn with minimal emissions. To get your fireplace burning quickly and efficiently, follow the simple 'top-down' lighting method shown in this video.

Fault Finding on a Smoky Appliance

Use this video to identify how and why your fireplace is producing smoke whilst burning to ensure that you can prevent or stop the cause.

How to re-rope your door seal

Use this video to find out why and how you should ensure that the rope in your appliance is properly maintained. 

How to adjust door hinges on your Stovax appliance

Follow the engineer-led demonstration to adjust the door hinges on your appliance to ensure that the door is properly locked and sealed to promote its optimum burning capacity. 

Understanding the Stuv 21 Combustion System

This video explains the key components and importance of the Stuv 21 combustion system.

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