Jetmaster Quadro Outdoor Wood Fire

• Robust steel firebox, gather, logpan
• BBQ grill and plate
• Removable Pizza Oven
• Cast Iron Potjie Pot
• Cook a hot coals BBQ and Pizza at the same time
• Minimal ash and cleaning
• Optional stainless steel lockable weather cover
• Easy-build AAC Block Heat Cell
• 5 Year Firebox Warranty
• Flue sizing: 300mm inner, 400mm outer

The Jetmaster Quadro is the multi-tasker of outdoor wood fires. Modelled on the Jetmaster 1050, the fire creates an outstanding visual display while radiating warmth and life into a large outdoor area.

Cooking on this fire is a delight, it comes standard with a large removable BBQ plate, a smaller solid grill plate, a Pizza Oven which swings in and out and can be taken out of the firebox at any time and to top it off, it also comes with a large 7.8 litre Potjie Pot, which can be hung on a swivel arm.

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