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Stûv Cares about the Environment - Packaging & Logistics

Our supplier Stûv talks about waste......

Minimising waste, optimising transport volumes, reusing, recycling, saving materials… All of these efforts by Stûv when it comes to producing and delivering its wood, pellet or gas stoves and inserts, are different ways of protecting the environment.


Everyone is aware these days: protecting the environment means managing waste properly. That’s why, at every stage in the process of designing our stoves, our company strives to recycle everything that can be recycled.

Wooden boxes and racks used to transport incoming materials are also reused internally, or by the suppliers for their other deliveries. The same is true for the packaging material for parts being produced at the Stûv factory: the material is made-to-measure and can be reused surprisingly often. To send out its finished stoves and inserts, the company is currently trialing the use of reusable containers to replace Euro Pallets and cling film.

Lastly, we take care to collect everything we can to recycle it: some packaging materials such as protective foam for glass and expanded polystyrene enjoy a new lease of life internally, paint cans make great bins etc.

As for the many cloths used by our teams, there’s no question of them being thrown away after each use: they are washed... and reused!


Saving space when it comes to transport means reducing the number of journeys and so the company’s carbon footprint.

To do this, each supplier for the Stûv factory receives a pallet plan to optimise space in the lorry. This plan shows the order in which different racks and boxes should be stored, and all of them are designed to be stacked. Raising blocks are also used to adjust the height of items and optimise stacking. In addition, we make sure we don’t use too many different box formats, instead using the same one for 6 different models.

This means that Stûv manages to transport the components of 15 stoves in just a few m3. And thanks to the trial of reusable, stackable containers, the volume of space used to transport our stoves and inserts is divided by 3!


To package the long flues that take smoke outside, we favour cardboard over polystyrene. In fact, not only is cardboard less polluting, but it also results in fewer breakages!

The products used by the Stûv factor to produce wood, pellet and gas stoves and inserts are also chosen and used to respect health and the environment: the least toxic grease removers possible, lower levels of solvents in paints etc.

And so we don’t waste anything, we print all of our installation and use instructions for our fires in black and white and on both sides to save paper... and this paper is recycled of course.