LED fireplaces: The straightforward, visually dazzling, ambiance-fueled alternative to wood or gas

LED fireplaces: The straightforward, visually dazzling, ambiance-fueled alternative to wood or gas

Fireplaces are the stalwart of the living room; they’re often the focal point of the space, tying together the surrounding furniture — much of which is oriented around this millennia-old domestic feature.

It serves as an important aesthetic feature as well as a crucial means of heating the home — so when building or renovating, getting the fireplace right is a critical task that can make or break a living room.

Of course, conventional wood fired fireplaces are what naturally comes to mind. But what if a home is smaller, or is part of a medium or high density building, or the homeowner is after a more minimalist look? Generally, traditional fireplaces can’t tick all of these boxes.

Luckily, technology in the world of fireplaces has come a long way. There is now a solution that gives users complete control over their fireplace, that looks amazing, adds ambiance, has great customisation, and of course, provides room heating. The solution: electric fireplaces.

Aotearoa-based company has known the value of electric fireplaces for many years now, a New Zealand distributor of the three major fuel types; gas, wood and electric.

And one of its most celebrated electric products is the Gazco e-Reflex Electric fireplace, an offering that combines LED lights, heat output, easy installation and versatile customisability. To complement this range, The Fireplace is also launching a new brand of electric fires to New Zealand.

Bringing 40 years of British design and engineering, the Onyx Avanti Electric fireplace, launching in June, delivers the new ultimate in electric fire innovation.

The Gazco e-Reflex & Onyx Avanti Electric fireplaces

“The Gazco e-Reflex is an LED fireplace which includes a 2kW fan heater,” says Angela Hiddleston, the architectural advisor and marketing manager for The Fireplace. “So with this product you’re getting the illusion of a lovely sparkling fire, along with the heat.

“There are a range of sizes, square or landscape, small to large, single, corner, or three-sided!”

The Onyx Avanti is the premium electric offering in two large landscape sizes. Like the e-Reflex, it is also configurable as a single, corner, or three-sided electric fire. It offers beautiful visual effects, including realistic glowing fuel effects, which can be enjoyed independently of the heat output.

Highly versatile and compact, these electric fires offer a brilliant alternative for homes where a wood-burning or gas appliance isn’t an option. With no flue or chimney needed, an Onyx Avanti Electric fire or a Gazco eReflex Electric fire can be a cost-effective way of achieving fireside ambience and warmth.

The Gazco e-Reflex Electric offers options for tailoring the look, and the Onyx Avanti Electric is no different. Onyx’s advanced Chromalight Plus technology takes fireplace lighting to all-new heights, resulting in a product that is engineered for ambience.

Featuring two independent flame effects, a choice of ember bed-up lighting colours, log lighting, and down lighting, Onyx Avanti Electric fires allow for customisation. To take the ambient effect to the max, the optional Mood Lighting Kit is available for all fires in the range, allowing you to bring a choice of vibrant colours to other areas of the room. This is ideal for fitting around a TV media wall, or underneath shelves.