Stovax Studio 2 Clean Air Wood Fireplace

Case Study - Stovax Studio 2 Clean Air Fireplace gets ULEB compliance

Simply Heat our retail partner in Christchurch worked with their client and architect John Leech of Johnston Architects to achieve the best fireplace outcome for a Christchurch architectural home.  The client sought an architectural wood fireplace, the Stovax Studio 2 Clean Air, a fire that would fit the sophistication of their property and its stunning location. 

Stovax Studio 2 Clean Air

The client expressed interest in exploring the integration of a secondary emission reduction device, specifically the OekoTube. The installation of the OekoTube enabled the residence, located within the ULEB zone, to install a Stovax Studio 2, technically rated Clean Air (LEB).


The outcome of this project is truly remarkable. Not only does the home now boast a stunning and distinctive fireplace that would otherwise be prohibited, but the owner has also crafted a chimney cage to discreetly conceal the flue system. Great outcome for our client!

OekoTube concealed

OekoTube Features

  • Will convert any NES compliant wood fire to a ULEB (*Applies to NES compliant wood burners)
  • Suitable for multi-fuel, pellet and coal fires below 40kW capacity

  • Suitable for open fire places (heritage buildings)

  • Tested efficiency of 70-95% of particulate matter removal

  • Easily fitted to all types of chimneys

  • Operates fully automatically

  • Does not affect the flue draft

  • Easily cleaned by a chimney sweep

  • Robust, sturdy, and built to last in all weather conditions