Freestanding Masport Rakaia Clean-Air Wood Fire (ULEB)

The Rakaia is a freestanding ULEB wood fire. Offering the latest in Catalytic Combustion technology. The Rakaia meets New Zealand’s strictest emission standards, providing an eco-friendlier alternative to older wood fires. Ideal for medium to large homes, the Rakaia has been designed to deliver consistent warmth and extended burn times, while using less wood. Its built-in, easy-clean ash pan also makes cleaning the large capacity firebox quick and convenient.

Pricing from $4,498 Excludes flue & installation

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Product Features

  • Suitable for medium to larger homes (3 to 4 bedrooms)
  • Ultra low emission burner
  • 8mm radiant cook top with 6mm steel firebox for efficient burning
  • Overnight burn - provides heat through the night