Gazco Studio 3 Balanced Flue

Gazco Studio 3 Balanced Flue

• Efficiency: 92% Heat output: 8.4kW
• Fan-free for quiet efficiency
• Natural Gas or LPG
• Biggest Selling Fire
• Programmable Thermostatic Remote
• Optional frames
• Optional lining 
• Optional Warm Air Ducting Kit

The Studio 3 is the largest of the Studio Gas fire range.

Breathtaking! There really is no better way to describe Gazco's stunning Studio glass fronted gas fires. With a wealth of design options complemented by a choice of linings, frames and fuel bed effects, these contemporary gas fires will add instant style and presence to any modern interior.

These beautifully designed Studio fires are the perfect blend of versatility and style.

To maximise the heat from the appliance the optional warm air ducting kit is available to transfer warm air to adjacent rooms.

Balanced Flue Convected Warm Airflow

Balanced flue models heat the room with convected warm air via the chimney breast or enclosure into which the appliance is installed. The void around the fire must be ventilated at both low and high levels on both sides to prevent heat build up. These vents take cold air from the room and return it back into the room. Care must be taken to comply with clearance to combustible materials as detailed in the instruction manual.

Gazco Studio Balanced Flue gas fires

Gazco Studio 3 Conventional Flue

• Efficiency: 25% Heat output: 3.40kW
• Fan-free for quiet efficiency
• Natural Gas or LPG
• Standard edge finish
• Black Enamel lining
• Standard Remote
• Optional Black Glass fuel bed stones

These Open Fronted Studio fires feature a contemporary ribbon of flames on a bed of white stones, which can be upgraded to black glass beads. Echoing the fire's clean form, these minimalist fuel effects create a designer statement that can be appreciated with or without the flames.

Please Note: The flame and ember appearance may vary based on the type of fuel burned and the venting configuration used.


Gazco Studio Profil Frame
Profil Anthracite
Gazco Studio Black Glass Frame
Black Glass
Gazco Studio Expression Frame


Gazco Studio Cool Wall Kit
Cool Wall Kit
Gazco Studio Edge Kit

Edge Kit


Gazco Studio Vermiculite Lining


Gazco Studio Vermiculite Lining

Black Reeded

Gazco Studio Black Glass Lining Black Glass

Gazco Studio Black Reeded Lining

Polished Granite (conventional flue)


Gazco Studio Log Fuel Bed


Gazco Studio Driftwood Fuel Bed


Gazco Studio Pebble & Stone Fuel Bed

Pebble & Stone

Gazco Studio White Stones Fuel Bed

White Stones (conventional flue)

Gazco Studio Conventional Flue gas fires

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