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Installations of all Gazco gas fires must be carried out and commissioned by a registered gas fitter, trained & familiarised with the appliances we distribute and in conformance with the relevant NZ Standards: AS/NZS 5601.1:2013

All gas fires need to be serviced annually to the terms and conditions of The Fireplace Ltd FIREGUARD Warranty, to qualify: Ph 09 623 6996

The Fireplace Ltd recommends that the installation of all Stovax wood fires be carried out by an S.F.A.I.T (Solid Fuel Authorised Technician), trained & familiarised with the appliances we distribute to conform to the relevant NZ Standards. (AS/NZ 2918; 2001)
This warranty cover is for all Jetmaster wood and gas fires, Stovax wood fires and Gazco gas fires.The FIREGUARD® WARRANTY is offered as follows:

a) A 24 MONTH (2 YEAR) WARRANTY: Parts and Labour on all fires subject to installation being undertaken by authorised and registered installer trained and familiarised with the products we distribute and in terms of clause 8 of the Warranty Terms and Conditions attached.

b) A REDUCED 12 MONTH WARRANTY (1 YEAR) WARRANTY: Parts only on all fires that have not been installed by an authorised and registered installer trained and familiarised with the products we distribute.

c) A FURTHER 8 YEAR EXTENDED WARRANTY excluding labour, on ALL FIREBOXES except STOVAX fireboxes. This does not include any consumables such as logpans, baffles or heat bricks or tiles, pilot assemblies and other burner parts or decorative logs or media.

• All Warranties are for domestic home use in New Zealand and subject to the following conditions.
• For Commercial use please refer Clause 9.
• All fires must be serviced annually for the term of the warranty - refer Clause 8.



1. EFFECTIVE DATE OF START OF COVER: The FIREGUARD® Warranty applies from the date of invoice from The Fireplace Limited or the date of installment (as evidenced by the permit, consent or certificate) as the case may be if within 3 months of purchase, provided however, that the Product Owner provides The Fireplace Limited with a copy of the relevant permit/consent/certificate. 

2. AUTHORISED SERVICE AGENTS: The Fireplace Limited has independently trained Service Agents who are the only persons, apart from The Fireplace Limited, who have been authorised by The Fireplace Limited to determine if warranty conditions have been met and who are then permitted to carry out warranty repairs or replacements.

3. SERVICING BY OTHER THAN AUTHORISED SERVICE AGENTS: In the event an Authorised Service Agent is unavailable to attend to the Fire within a reasonable time frame, the Product Owner may suggest to The Fireplace Limited, a qualified local trades-person to carry out the repair or replacement work. With the sole and unfettered discretion of The Fireplace Limited, the suggested tradesperson may be approved on a one off basis to carry out the necessary warranty work otherwise this will void the FIREGUARD® Warranty. This approval must be obtained prior to the work being carried out and The Fireplace Limited must be satisfied that the warranty terms have been met. The Fireplace Limited will not accept any claim or charge arising from the actions of an unauthorised service person.

4. NEED FOR PERMIT/CONSENT/CERTIFICATE: All Fires must be installed in accordance with the manufacturer’s instructions as supplied by The Fireplace Limited with the Fire and the relevant New Zealand standards/codes of practice for the Fire. Installation must be by a qualified gas fitter if a gas appliance, by a qualified installer (NZHHA) if a wood fired appliance and by a qualified electrician if an electrical appliance, all installations duly certified by such qualified trades-persons and signed off by the Territorial Authority as applicable.

5. ENTITLEMENT TO PERMIT/CONSENT/CERTIFICATE DETAILS: The Fireplace Limited and/or its Authorised Service Agents shall be entitled to be given a copy of the relevant permit/consent/certificate details for the installation of the Fire, both to determine the installation date and that the Fire has been correctly installed by a properly qualified installer.

6. EFFECT OF NO PERMIT/CONSENT/CERTIFICATE: If no relevant permit/consent/certificate has been obtained then the FIREGUARD® Warranty shall be void and any other warranties or guarantees on the Fire, implied or otherwise indicated shall also be void. The Fireplace Limited and/or its Authorised Service Agents may also decline to further service or work with the Fire, with any such additional service or work to be at the cost of the Product Owner.

7. INSTALLATION DEFECTS: Any defects in installation, resulting in either non-compliance with the installation requirements as laid down in the manufacturer’s installation instructions or with the relevant New Zealand standards and legislation, are not covered under this or any other warranty or guarantee and the warranty itself is void. The Fireplace Limited or its Authorised Service Agents will not effect any work to make good such defects and the repair of any consequent faults with the Fire that can be directly attributed to the defects in installation, are the responsibility of the original installer. The Authorised Service Agent is not to effect any remedial or repair work to a product until the original installer has made good their work. If the original installer is not available or the Product Owner does not wish to have them back, then all work carried out by the Authorised Service Agent shall be a matter for agreement and payment between the Product Owner and the Authorised Service Agent. The Fireplace Limited assumes no liability for the installation or remedial work to make the installation compliant whether carried out by its Authorised Service Agent or not and such work does not fall under the warranty or guarantee nor does it reinstate the warranty.

8. NEED FOR ANNUAL SERVICING: The FIREGUARD® Warranty is also subject to the Fire must be serviced at least once in the first year following installation for the second year of cover in the Two Year Full Parts and Labour Warranty to apply.

9. COMMERCIAL USE: If any goods supplied by The Fireplace Limited are used in other than domestic use, (as defined by the Territorial Authority), then the FIREGUARD®Warranty reduces to a ONE YEAR Full Parts and Labour Warranty and a FIVE YEARS Full Part Warranty on Fireboxes (ONE Years Full Part Warranty on Stovax Cassette Fireboxes). This reduced FIREGUARD® Warranty is subject to the fitting and use of any additional components specified in the Fire’s installation manuals and/or specifications for commercial use/operation.

10. FIREBOX REPLACEMENT: After the initial Two Year Full Warranty period and within Ten Years of the EFFECTIVE DATE OF COVER (Two Years for Stovax Cassette Fireboxes), where the firebox of the Fire has failed (become unsafe or unusable due to a product defect and not due to external corrosion or unfair wear and tear or incorrect fueling The Fireplace Limited may supply a replacement firebox to the nearest Authorised Service Agent for delivery to the Product Owner. After two years from the date of installation, labour costs involved in replacing the firebox of the Fire shall be at the Product Owner’s cost.

11. TRAVEL COSTS COVERED: The Fireplace Limited may reimburse its Authorised Service Agents for travel to all warranty calls within a 50 kilometre round trip from the Service agent’s business address. The Fireplace Limited shall also reimburse its Authorised Service Agent for delivery costs of a replacement firebox for up to a maximum of 50 kilometres travel (return trip).

12. TRAVEL COSTS NOT COVERED: Where the warranty call out is for more than 50 kilometres in total (return trip) then the Product Owner must reimburse the Authorised Service Agent for the additional travel costs involved, ie: travel on warranty matters outside a total of 50 kilometres (return) is not covered. Also additional delivery costs for the delivery of a replacement firebox in excess of 50 kilometres (return trip) shall be at the Product Owner’s cost.

13. ONUS ON PRODUCT OWNER: In the event that an Authorised Service Agent is called to attend a product fault and the Authorised Service Agent finds the fault not a warranty matter, the Product Owner must accept responsibility for payment to the Authorised Service Agent for their charges in respect of the call out. The Fireplace Limited reserves the right to decline any further warranty support or cover where it’s Authorised Service Agent has not been paid by the Product Owner for any work outside that covered by this warranty. The Fireplace Limited shall not progress any dispute brought by a Product Owner where payments to Authorised Service Agents have not been made or are being withheld, ie: the Product Owner shall not be entitled to dispute payment of a service or callout charge because the Product Owner disagrees with the decision by the Authorised Service Agent that the fault or defect is not covered under warranty.

14. CALL OUTS AT PRODUCT OWNER’S REQUEST: Authorised Service Agents called out to a problem with a Fire from The Fireplace Limited may request payment in advance in respect of any call out. If it is subsequently found that the product fault is covered under the FIREGUARD® Warranty then the Authorised Service Agent shall refund the Product Owner any such payment made in advance, except in respect of travel outside the 50 kilometre limit prescribed in the FIREGUARD® Warranty.

15. VARIATION TO WARRANTY TERMS: The Fireplace Limited may reserve the right (as Supplier of products sold by it in New Zealand on behalf of manufacturers) to change specifications or terms without any prior notice.

16. CONSUMER PROTECTION: The FIREGUARD® Warranty operates within the framework of Consumer Guarantees Act required under New Zealand legislation and such consumer rights as provided for by such legislation remain in force. The Fireplace Limited recognises that its warranties are subject to New Zealand legislation and that the Product Owner retains such rights under the FIREGUARD® Warranty. Please note that the Consumer Guarantees Act only applies to domestic use and not commercial.

17. PRODUCTS NOT SUPPLIED BY THE FIREPLACE: In the event that the Fire receives or requires repair or Replacement under the FIREGUARD® Warranty, any related building work, building materials, redecoration of surrounds, removal and reinstatement of fittings, connection and re-connection of services, use of plant or machinery and/or the respective costs thereof, all which are not directly required for the purposes of meeting the FIREGUARD® Warranty but which are required to access and repair/replace the Fire are not covered by this warranty and no liability on The Fireplace Limited for such other products not supplied by The Fireplace Limited shall apply or be part of the FIREGUARD® Warranty. 

18. CORROSION DAMAGE/EFFECTS: All parts of a Fire (including flueing) exposed to corrosive elements including weather conditions or, Wood Fires which have had treated or otherwise mineralised (driftwood/coal) fuel burnt in them, or gas fires which have been subjected to incorrect gas types, or excessive gas pressures, or contaminated gas may suffer corrosion, blemishing, warping or damage in consequence. Such affects and consequent damage are not covered by the FIREGUARD®Warranty. General wear and tear is not covered by the warranty.

19. INCORRECT FUELS/OVER FUELLING: All Fires must be operated and fueled in accordance with the manufacturer’s instructions as supplied by The Fireplace Limited with the Fire. The use of fuels other than as specified in the manufacturer’s instructions shall void the FIREGUARD® Warranty.

20. OVERSEAS WARRANTIES/GUARANTEES NOT VALID: Any representation or documentation as to warranty including but not limited to overseas materials or websites or correspondence or manuals shall be replaced or superseded by The Fireplace Limited’s FIREGUARD® Warranty as detailed herein within New Zealand.

Any re-saleable goods must be returned in as new condition within 7 days and will be subject to a 20% restocking fee unless the goods were not what was specified and ordered by the agent. Any non-saleable goods returned will be subject to a 100% restocking fee. Return freight in these instances is the agent’s responsibility. Goods cannot be returned if they have been custom made.

Last update: July 2016